Bridge of Mostar

Chair of International Relations

Bridge of Mostar
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15 JAN 2020  18:00h - "International Organizations and Crisis Management" - Info Event on the Planned Master’s Program

Welcome to the Chair of International Relations at Friedrich Schiller University Jena!

This webpage serves to give students, scholars and all interested background information about our activities. The old bridge of Mostar, which was destroyed during the Balkan wars of the 1990s, symbolizes the ambition of our team to build bridges across the borders of our country, across the disciplines relevant for our studies, across cultures as well as across the often invisible boundaries of our own discipline.  The bridge of Mostar also signals our primary focus, which is peace, conflict and security in world politics.

Scroll through our webpage and familiarize yourself with the faces and personal background of our team. Look at our research topics and the book series “Innovative Conflict Research” which you might want to join as a future author. People considering to start a PhD with us might find it useful to learn about our PhD projects, the biannual workshops and our application guidelines.

Students will find information, which goes beyond our Institute’s webpage: how to write a B.A. or a M.A. thesis with us, which courses we offer, the study trips and the public lectures we organize. And you can find out how to get a recommendation letter from us.

The project which captures our minds above all these days is the new international, English-speaking Master “International Organizations and Crisis Management”, which we are eagerly devising. Are you interested to enroll in our Master? Are you one of our valued partners who support us to deliver this high-quality programme? Then take a look … and come back, since our webpage is as dynamic as our activities are.

O yes, and feel free to contact us :-). 


15 Jan 2020
18:00 CET · Panel
International Organizations and Crisis Management
Informationsveranstaltung zum geplanten Masterstudiengang


Societies in Transition: The Caucasus and the Balkans between Conflict and Reconciliation
New publication edited by Dr. Carolina Rehrmann, Prof. Rafael Biermann & Prof. Phillip Tolliday
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International videoconference on U.S.-Russia relations and the legacy of the Cold War
A three-country student videoconference will take place this December
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US Russia Flags
"Aufbruch in eine neue europäische Friedensordnung? Ein skeptischer Rückblick"
New publication by Prof. Rafael Biermann
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Cover of Historisches Jahrbuch
Job Offers for Student Assistants
The Chair of International Relations is looking for new student assistants
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Successful completion of PhD: Christian Opitz
"Zwischen Formalität und Informalität. Strukturelle Einflussbedingungen in einer internationalen Organisation am Beispiel des ...
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Disputation Dr. Christian Opitz
Call for Participation
Corridors Summer School: Building Capacities for the Development of Peaceful Communities
September 2-7, 2019 in Neudietendorf (Germany)
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Conference Contribution: Krakow
Rafael Biermann,  Christopher Brucker and Ivan Laskarin: The International Dimensions of Unilateral Secession
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Conference Contribution: Budapest
Ivan Laškarine, "The post-1989 Springtime of National Minorities? Minority Mobilisation, Human Rights Activism and the ...
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CEU Conference
Next PhD Workshop
The next PhD workshop will take place from 23.09. to 25.09.2019 in Jena. The workshop is traditionally conducted by Prof. ...
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Ernst Abbe Platz Jena
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